If the owner choses to make any changes to the pool, including an alteration to pool equipment, it often requires engineering and a permit revision. For example, if you chose to change your liquid chlorinator to salt generation, the Department of Health will require a permit modification, an engineered plan sheet, and an inspection by a properly licensed Engineer. Should these changes be performed without proper permitting, the Department of Health will issue a violation and require a permit revision. Should it be found that the installed equipment was not engineered or sized properly; the Health Department will require that it be removed and replaced at the owner’s expense.

Pool and Spa Designs, Inc. routinely performs inspections under the direct supervision of an Engineer licensed in the State of Florida. Our staff can meet you onsite to provide various options to resolve violations and comply with the Florida Statute. Please contact us to schedule an inspection.

To legally perform modifications to public swimming pool equipment you must consult a properly licensed Engineering firm to prepare construction drawings. It is recommended that you verify the firm's Florida Certification of Authorization license by following the link below.


Please note that if your pool contractor is advertising engineering services in Florida or taking payment for engineering services without a Certificate of Authorization, he is not in compliance with state law.


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